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Hip Replacement

The commonest surgical procedure Mr Hayward undertakes for hip arthritis, once conservative treatment has been tried, is a total hip replacement.

To find out more about hip replacement surgery click here or watch the video to the right.

Type of implants used

Mr Hayward will recommend different types of hip replacements depending on your age and activity level.

He uses three varieties of implants; uncemented, cemented and a combination of the two, called a hybrid.

They are all excellent hips, but their suitability will depend on your anatomy, bone quality, age and activity levels. 

The uncemented hip Mr Hayward uses is the Furlong JRI hip with the JRI CSF plus cup.

This is a very successful hip replacement manufactured here in the UK. Clinical results are available here.

He uses the Exeter stems and cups for cemented hips.  Click here for information about the Exeter hip.

Using different types of the hip replacements allows him to tailor the type of hip replacement and importantly the bearing to suit the patients anatomy and physical demands.


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